We are primarily a technical support business. Our aim is to ensure your event runs seamlessly and our fantastic staff achieve this through hard work, exceptional technical knowledge and the best customer service in the industry.

Office_worker__64 Kieron Garlic – Managing Director

“I started this company a few years back now because I couldn’t find a similar business in London who were able to provide the kind of customer service that I wanted as a client. That high level of service has allowed us to grow over the years and retain all of our clients.

I also like to ride motorbikes on the road, track and trials. I also ski and sleep … when I have time!”



Dan Dexter – Director of Webcasting

Dan spent many years running his own successful webcasting business, focusing on accessible streaming for the public sector. Dan has now brought his skills and enthusiasm to Present and is heading up our webcasting team.



Louise Warren – Office Manager

Louise has a degree in Business and IT and is using her knowledge and experience to organise us boys and our equipment!



Kieron Johnston – Technical Operations Manager / Sound Recordist

What a guy!  Kieron’s proactive attitude and confidence reassures clients that everything is going to be just fine…. and it always is.


School_boy_outline_64 (1) Ashley Jeffreys – Webcast Producer / Event Technicain

Ashley has been with us now for many years and is a very experienced technician with fantastic customer service skills and a great eye for detail as well as a good knowledge of video conferencing and webcasting. He is passionate about films and video.


Man_with_sunglasses_64Greg Allum – Sound Engineer / Event Technician

Greg started years back as a trainee. His interest in sound and live events led him to become an extremely competent technician in a relatively short space of time.  Many of our clients enjoy Greg’s calming nature and ‘can do’ attitude’.  He plays drums in a band and enjoys live music.




Tom Heath – Driver Technician

Our technical handyman with experience as an installer, an event technician and a penchant for early mornings, Tom is a great all-rounder.




Chris Malowany – Driver Technician

Often found lurking at the back of dark, sweaty rooms and otherwise known as the ‘noise boy’ (sound engineer), Chris spends his weekends mixing bands and listening to live music.  Unfortunately, during the week he has to come to work and set up sound systems for paying customers!


Office_worker_silhouette_64Andy Richardson – Videographer / Event Technician

Andy is highly creative coming from a music and drama background. He has made numerous short films, documentaries and pop videos as well as corporate videos for some of the biggest companies in London and has a keen eye for the right shots as a cameraman and editor.


Employee_profile_64Adam Briancourt – Webcasting / Video Conferencing Engineer

Adam is a self-professed expert at everything and refuses to tell a client “it can’t be done” which fortunately has meant we now offer a number of services to client where other companies might say just that.


Butler_silhouette_64Roy Langley – Event Technician

Roy has many years experience working in house for large multi national companies. Our customers find Roy’ reassuring manor quite calming in an otherwise stressful environment.


Punk_outline_64Ed Metcalfe – Event Technician

Ed comes to us from the festival and live music world. He has a passion for music (and dancing) and also for video and content creation. The crazier the better!


Waiter_outline_64Toby Alloway – Pyrotechnic / Event Technician

Working previously in the music industry, Toby now enjoys putting his technical ability to work as well as his creative talents. Toby looks after some of our bigger events also when he’s not designing some of the World’s largest and most magnificent fireworks displays.


Office_worker__64Jamie Brown – Event Technician / Video Editor

A keen musician, lead in a band with a real focus on audio and video production as well as social media, Jamie is using his skills more and more in the conference room too.