Virtual & Hybrid Events

Whatever your needs, we got a solution.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Whatever your needs,
we got a solution.

Multi-lingual / Accessibility

Having your events wholly or partly on-line gives us the opportunity to increase reach massively.  It’s important also not to miss the opportunity to increase it further by being as inclusive as possible and making the broadcast as accessible as possible.  This can be done in a number of ways including speech-to-text and BSL interpreters as well as interpreting into multiple languages in audio and text. 

We have our own ‘interpreter hub’ which allows us to dial in interpreters to various platforms and systems around the world whilst allowing the interpreters themselves to focus on their job and not have to worry about the technology.  This is something that interpreters have found invaluable during lookdown.


Typically, we manage virtual events from our own studio.  This way, we can be confident in the backup internet connections we have as well as the battery backups etc.  We have invested a huge amount of money during lock down on an entirely new IT system including all Cisco Meraki routers and switches. 

Remote Studio

With our background in live streaming, video conferencing and connectivity, it was a very natural move for us during locklock to build our virtual studios in our offices in Wimbledon.  We have been linking events together and facilitating remote presenters into live events for around a decade already and already had all the expertise to put us one step ahead of the competition. 

We now have 5 studios in our London office, providing full production facilities for virtual events.  We also use these as an extension to ‘in-person’ events, where multiple events need to be linked together or where the online element of your events requires extra production which is better achieved from a studio. 

Onsite & Hybrid

We are of course still able to delivery and setup equipment on-site for your hybrid events.  We believe for a while, many presenters and audience members will still not be able to attend ‘in-person’ events.  For some time, it will be normal for presenters to be ‘beamed in’ remotely and for elements of your audience, perhaps internationally to be able to attend and participate online. 

We’ve been providing these services for other production companies and agencies for over 10 years.