Present Communications ltd has been trading for around a decade now and we’re doing just fine and we’re having fun.  But in the last few years, we’ve really gone from strength to strength and it’s due to a smoother back office.  That’s it.  We take pride in our work, our technicians understand the importance of customer service, appearance and going that extra mile but in the past, that wasn’t always something that translated to our ‘behind-the-scenes’ operations.

We made a real push to streamline, organise and always be prepared for the next thing; the next push.  One of the steps we took was to appoint a new accountant  We needed someone who would get involved, help us out when we needed it and give us advice geared towards a small, customer focused business like ours.  We went with Amity Accountants who came highly recommended.

It’s probably quite unorthodox to write about your accountant on the business website but fair is fair.  They have played a pivotal role in transforming our business and helping us to understand how exactly we were really doing as a business, how we are doing every day in fact, and where we could find opportunities to do better.

So here is to our accountant, Philip and his team at Amity.  Thank guys!