Audio Players & Recorders

High Quality CD Player £25
A Marantz DN-C660 is ideal for important cued tracks and audio stings as well as any situation where superior audio quality is required.
Budget CD Player £15
This unit is ideal for background music.
Solid State Stereo Audio Recorder £90
We stock a variety of products from leading manufacturers such as Marantz, Fostex and Tascam. All offer balanced inputs and record onto compact flash cards in a variety of formats, including wav and MP3.
24 Track Audio Recorder £120
An Alesis HD24 records 24 tracks simultaneously using two hard drives. Recordings are 24-bit at 48KHz with full ADAT functionality.
CD Recorder £90
These high-quality Tascam audio recorders write directly onto the CD in real time.

All prices are dry hire per day, exclude VAT payable at the standard rate and do not include delivery costs. For a complete quotation, please call 020 8770 0655.