Mixing Desks

Mixing desks are used to ‘mix’ and control various sources into your PA system. If you are unsure of your requirements, our experienced sound engineers will be more than happy to assist you.

32 Channel Digital Console – Yamaha TF5 £160
The Yamaha TF5 is a 40 channel digital mixing desk with built in dynamics and effects. It also has very flexible EQ and routing options. It is ideal for more complicated conferences and music venues.
16 Channel Digital Console – Allen & Heath Qu 16 £95
The Allen & Heath Qu16 has quickly become our go-to desk for small to medium events. It’s huge range of features make it extremely useful and versatile at a cost effective price.
12 Channel Mixing Desk – Soundcraft M12 £50
This analogue mixing desk can be used with a speech or music system, or be used to integrate additional sources into an existing system. It includes some basic EQ and routing options.
4 Channel Mixing Desk – Allen & Heath ZED10 £25
The ZED10 mixing desk is used for up to 4 microphones and 2 additional sources such as CD or DVD

All prices are dry hire per day, exclude VAT payable at the standard rate and do not include delivery costs. For a complete quotation, please call 020 8770 0655.