Other Audio

Direct Injection (DI) Box £10
This useful device converts an unbalanced signal into a balanced one with additional functionality for attenuation and ground lift. This might be used if you want to plug audio from a laptop or ipod into a mixing desk more than a few metres away.
Distribution Amplifier (DA) 8 stereo / 16 mono – Sonifex £30
A DA will split 1 mono or stereo audio feed into multiple feeds, each one isolated form the others. This is very useful when a number of people or pieces of equipment need to share the same audio. Alternatively, it can be used for press feeds.
Lexicon MX-200 £35
A 2 channel multi effects processor.
Induction Loop – Signet PDA 500/2 £100
A loop of cable is placed around the perimeter of a space to provide hearing assistance to any person wearing a hearing aid inside the loop. Any person with a hearing aid switched to T will hear the audio from the PA system more clearly.
Stereo Headphones £15
Beyer Dynamic DT150 headphones are the industry standard. They are used in both live and recording situations due to their fantastic clarity and comfort.

All prices are dry hire per day, exclude VAT payable at the standard rate and do not include delivery costs. For a complete quotation, please call 020 8770 0655.