Radio Microphones

Our Sennheiser radio microphones are all UHF and provide exceptional quality wireless audio at a very competitive price. All kits come complete with microphone, transmitter and receiver to plug in to your mixing desk.

Hand Held Microphone – Sennheiser EW135 G3 £50
A hand held roving microphone can be easily passed between audience members for easy delegate interaction. They can be provided on desk or floor stands.
Lavalier Microphone – Sennheiser EW112 G3 £50
These lavalier or lapel microphones are discreet, wireless microphones. The capsule (or microphone) clips onto your presenter and connects to a transmitter that is hidden on a belt or in a pocket.
Headworn Microphone – Sennhesier EW100 G3 with DPA d:fine headset £80
These ‘Madonna’ microphones wrap around the ear to provide a discreet and lightweight close microphone.
CatchBox Microphone £100
The CatchBox microphone enhances audience interaction and engagement. Bring a little fun to your event, brand the microphone to your requirements (extra charge) and even save money because you no longer need staff to hold the audience microphones. Click here to learn more about the CatchBox.

All prices are dry hire per day, exclude VAT payable at the standard rate and do not include delivery costs. For a complete quotation, please call 020 8770 0655.