Wired Microphones

When it comes to microphones, there really is a different unit for every application. Speak to one of our sound engineers to ensure you are using the correct equipment and we will provide advice to guarantee the best result.

Audio Technica ES935ML6 Shotgun Microphone £25
These discreet and extremely sensitive microphones can be used on tables or lecterns. The are highly directional and provide fantastic audio quality.
Audi Technica U841a – Omni Microphone £30
This table top microphone las a low profile for discreet use and an omni-directional pickup pattern. It is perfect for board room tables and can be used when recording, videoconferencing or teleconferencing.
Shure Beta 58A – Wired Dynamic Microphone £10
This updated model of an industry standard dynamic cardioid microphone is perfect for live stage vocals, giivng a full, rich sound with extended mid-range.
Shure Beta 57A – Wired Dynamic Microphone £10
Another updated version of a classic, suited to amplifying instruments with a clear, crisp sound.
Rhode NT3 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone £15
This battery powered microphone is ideal as a multi-purpose recording microphone where handling noise rejection is important. Also excellent for particular uses in a live sound setup.
Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone £35
These larger microphones are great for omni-directional and studio quality recording purposes.

All prices are dry hire per day, exclude VAT payable at the standard rate and do not include delivery costs. For a complete quotation, please call 020 8770 0655.