How to Hire

Every event requires some AV equipment in order to help successfully deliver your message. All of our high quality equipment is carefully maintained and PAT tested for safety. It can be ‘dry hired’, just setup or provided with technical support for the duration of your event.

When hiring audio equipment, first decide what it needs to do. We stock a selection of equipment for different scenarios which is all used together to create the ‘sound system’. This includes inputs such as wired and radio microphones, CD players and effects units and outputs such as recording devices, induction loops and press feeds as well as speakers.

When setting up a video system, first decide on the number, size and type of displays. Do you require plasma screens or larger projection screens? Perhaps you need more than one screen around a room or maybe just a small screen for an exhibition display. If you are using a projector, the larger the screen and the brighter the room, the brighter the projector will need to be. Then decide what the source will be. It could be laptops, DVD players or blu-ray or perhaps all of these.

Filming and photographers capture your event for future reference, advertising or marketing purposes. We stock a range of equipment used to produce professional quality video and photographs.

PC laptops are available for presentation use, all provided with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and PowerPoint 2010. We are also able to provide PC’s and a variety of Apple Mac laptops and desktop machines. Accessories such as remote controls, cuelights and traffic light systems can also be used to assist presenters.

As well as dry hire of equipment, we prefer to think of our work sometimes as a service, where one piece of equipment won’t do the job all on its own and you would prefer to tell our team what you need to achieve rather than the equipment you need. To link meetings & conferences together, please see video or audio conferencing or to broadcast an event to many people on the web, see webcasting.


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