I started the business that would later become Present Communications ltd back in 2007 after leaving etc.venues where I worked as an in-house technician. For me, the role of in-house technician is a massively important one whether that person is actually employed by the venue or by a third party contractor. By working on site, it is much easier to know the workings of a venue, the building, the tips and tricks required to make everything run smoothly.

Seven years later, we’re still supporting etc.venues. We are the recommended supplier at ten (of twelve) of the London venues and as a result, we know the venues better than anyone. We know the technology better even than the teams on site who refer to us for information that is more within our expertise than theirs and I believe that is exactly how it should be. I know when I go to a supplier, I want to talk to the person who uses the equipment day in day out and who knows the product.

As a result of this type of relationship, customers get the best service and work is always completely efficiently. I believe that some of our best work is done in these venues because we know the rooms, the technology and the staff. We know how they work and we know where our customers can use the most appropriate equipment and what to use most cost effectively. It’s a model that has worked well for the venues over the years and it’s worked well for us. And why do they stick with us? Customer Service!

So here is a big thank you to etc.venues for many years of business and hopefully many more years to come!!