Event Services

Present Communications have decades of experience in events and we’re quite familiar with many of the requirements you might have, however strange you might think they are. We are able to provide equipment with technical support or simply an event technician to help you throughout the day.

More importantly, we like to build long term relationships with our customers where we know your venue or requirements as well as you do. If we know the way you work and vice versa, it makes it really easy for us to liaise with your customers and other stakeholders directly on your behalf.

Our project managers are able to assist you in taking your event from conception to completion as easily as possible, ensuring every technical aspect of your event is considered. Their attention to detail is second to none. We start by discussing the aims of your event and what you hope your guests will leave with and remember, your ideas on theme, numbers and of course budget. From there, we can suggest possible ideas and ensure a fantastic day for all involved.

Specifically, we are able to offer bespoke video conferencing and audio conferencing and webcasting solutions. For more details, please click on the links.