More and more conference venues and hotels now provide internet facilities to event organisers including free WiFi.  This service is no longer considered an additional service, it’s a requirement.  Delegates require internet access throughout the day and a lack of it can prove disruptive.

In addition, at social events, festivals, concerts etc, public WiFi not only provides a valuable resource to the attendee but also, as a result, provides fantastic exposure to the event organiser through social media.  And therefore, a lack of WiFi reflects poorly on your event and on your brand.

We have many years experience in providing managed internet and WiFi services for conference venues and also temporary internet services for live events.  This can be done in a number of ways including copper, leased lines, microwave, 4G and satellite and will be subject to a site survey.    For information on internet via portable satellite, please click here.

Of course, this connectivity can be used for a whole plethora of services in addition to the obvious public internet access.  Consider PDQ machines, sponsors access to social media, cloud based event management software and anything else that requires a computer or mobile device.  Internet can also be used to provide video links and streaming services including webcasting to a whole new audience, giving you, the event owner a massive opportunity to further monetize or publicise your existing content.

For information on our solution for streaming video over mobile phone networks, please click here.