Teradek Bond II available for hire in London

Present Communications are delighted to confirm that they are the first major UK hire company to have acquired stock of the new Teradek Bond II unit. The unit, which allows up to 6 data dongles to split a live video stream and transmit via mobile phone networks, opens up a range of possibilities for both broadcasters and event professionals.


Whether your need is as a news organisation trying to broadcast where no satellite or standard internet connectivity is available, or an event organiser looking for a solution where your venue is unable to provide reliable internet access, the Bond II could provide the perfect solution.

As well as the base unit, Present Communications are able to provide a range of associated and ancillary services. These include 4G data dongles from all UK networks that are compatible with the device, provisioning of Sputnik servers for recombining the data feeds at the receiving end and of course our renowned webcasting platform.


Prices for the device and services are as follows:

Teradek Bond II unit Per Day £325
4G Data Dongle Hire Per Day £20
Dedicated Sputnik Server Per Day £150
Data Upload over 4G Per GB £30


We are also delighted to offer an introductory bundle, which saves £300 on buying the services separately. The package includes:

1 day hire of Teradek Bond II unit
1 day hire of 4 x 4G UK data dongles from 4 separate networks
10GB data upload allowance
2 days of dedicated Sputnik server access

Package price: £695

This package should provide everything you need to stream a 2 hour event from any location with mobile data reception, but do please contact us for more options or if there is anything else you need to understand about whether the Teradek Bond II is the right solution for your event.

All prices exclude VAT, which is charged at the standard rate. Prices correct as of 8th June 2015.

PresentAnywhere – Webcast and Video Conference from literally anywhere….

We are asked a lot about webcasting and video conferencing. Generally, people want it anywhere, at any time and they want it cheaper.

Lets take a video conference as an example.  Traditionally, there are lots of ways to facilitate this.  A connection is required from Site A to Site B.  This connection has typically been over ISDN. This is expensive for a number of reason.  Even if you disregard the fact that you need to make 8 potentially international telephone calls simultaneously, you also need to be on a site that actually has enough ISDN lines installed and configured for this kind of dedicated use.  They will be paying for these on a contract over a few years and probably not using them very much.  So very few sites actually have ISDN lines now that are configured appropriately and if they do, they’re really expensive.

That’s why, over the last few years, more and more video conferences have taken place over the internet which has become much more reliable in recent years.  The video call itself is effectively free to the end user assuming they can get a decent internet connection.  And this is still where the problem lies.

Most places have some kind of internet either wired or wifi, 3g or even 4g but generally wireless internet is not sufficient for a video conference.  Even if you can get the bandwidth, which is unlikely in the real world, it lacks the consistency and reliability.  That’s where our new technology comes in!  We’re calling it “Present Anywhere”.

“Present Anywhere” allows you to take all the different types of connections mentioned above and join them all together and make one virtual connection.  This is called ‘bonding’.  There are a couple of differences with our system though.  Other ‘bandwidth amalgamation’ software will make your internet faster but not for a single use.  So for example, whilst it might be quicker for browsing the web, it won’t make it any quicker than a single connection for something like streaming a single video or a VPN.  Bear in mind that streaming a video and downloading a video is not the same thing.  Also, some other bonding solutions require expensive hardware setups and the hire of leased lines and off site equipment and technical support.  Our does not.

Even if you can’t get fixed internet, wifi, 3g or 4g, we can still use domestic satellites which can be portable. If one isn’t enough, we’ll use 2.  And because we’re using compressed video rather than uncompressed that you would get on a satellite truck, we can get higher quality video through a smaller, cheaper satellite dish.

Basically, “Present Anywhere” allows you to present from … well … anywhere.