Unique Venues make wonderful spaces for events

Last night, we were working on an event at the Wellcome Collection and I couldn’t help but write about it.


wellcomeThe Wellcome Collection Conference Centre opened almost a decade ago and Present Communications were the first AV company ever to work there, albeit temporarily while another, larger company was brought in on a more permanent basis (we were very small back then, just 2 full time staff!).  Over the years, we’ve popped in and out and we still consider the folks at Wellcome Collection friends but since the refurb (click here to learn about it), we’ve been doing much more there once again as their preferred AV supplier.


Last night was a lovely drinks reception for a charity who wanted to do some presentations and watch videos.  Present Communications provided the screens, PA system, microphones and technical support for this event.  The venue was a gallery space within the building, exhibiting a collection focused on the body and our relationships with our body with particular reference to health and food.    This space provided the guests with interesting talking points throughout the evening and the event was a great success.