Overview – Connecting People

Group of successful businesspeople having a video conference

Video Conferencing drives interaction and engagement between people and groups who are otherwise spread across the world.

In this day and age, with the Internet available to us in so many ways and on so many devices there really is no excuse to not have your event, meeting or conference connected to all your stakeholders. It’s becoming commonplace for people to travel for work, to attend meetings and seminars in far flung places but equally, the internet allows us to connect those people straight back into their office or off-site event. They connect with their loved ones at home, why not their colleagues too?

Technology, systems and connectivity should never be a reason to ‘not connect’. Present Communications ltd specialise providing solutions from a range of technologies. Unlike many other suppliers, we don’t just sell one thing. As well as owning our own Cisco infrastructure, we also work with all the different cloud platforms from Zoom and BlueJeans to webex and gotomeeting.

PresentAnywhere and our PUNCH!, used in combination, can fulfil the most demanding video conferencing and webcasting projects from anywhere in the world, regardless of connectivity constraints.