Connect up to 12 locations together into a single ‘meeting room’ or ‘bridge’. Connect using H.323, SIP or ISDN.

It is possible to monitor and moderate this meeting room using one of our trained operators who is able to see, monitor, meter and control who sees what. There are a variety of screens layout available depending on requirements.

Even where that is not possible or does not do everything that is required, we are able to mix and match with other software based systems to provide extra features.

Bridging Services

Our bridging services are able to link many sites together from anywhere in the world into a single ‘virtual meeting room’.


Using our own gatekeeper system, we are able to bypass most firewalls and connect to other VC systems using ISDN or IP. Ask for more info…


Typically, banks and corporates connect their video to the outside world using ISDN, which provides a secure point-to-point link to the far end location. Hotels and conference centres tend to use IP connectivity as it has more uses to those venues, can be used for guest wifi, corporate network etc. so often, external events requiring video conferencing then requires the IP and ISDN video codecs to be used together. A bridge is therefore required.

Our gatekeeper system allows us to easily dial an ISDN codec or receive incoming ISDN calls to a codec with only an IP connection.

Present Communications ltd have the ability and experience to provide the local resource at many locations around the world. With experience in locations from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to Milan and Munich, we are comfortable and available to travel to new sites, carry out appropriate site visits and manage a successful video link to another site or back to our bridge. By having one of our engineers on site, the client can be sure of a seamless event.