PUNCH!Firewall difficulties and complex network configurations are a thing of the past…

PUNCH! allows us to completely bypass network firewalls and security systems safely and securely and setup video conferencing or webcasting solutions (or any other type of internet connection) very quickly with little no configuration at all. It punches straight through the venues firewall and that’s why we call it PUNCH!

This product is revolutionising the video conferencing industry particularly for live events by allowing video conferencing to take place where it is not necessarily possible to get access to an on site IT department or indeed the networking hardware. It’s worth noting that this product can be used to completely bypass any firewall for any purpose but is particularly useful for video conferencing as it automatically assigns a public IP to a registered MAC address, allowing a video conferencing endpoint to receive incoming calls even when behind a firewall. Appropriate bandwidth and web access are obviously still required.


This system is able to transport data using a number of secure channels, typically OpenVPN. The data is therefore encrypted using industry standard. This encryption is in addition to the H.323 encryption which might have already been used but importantly the data over our system is recognised as VPN traffic back to our server.

It’s important to realise that our technology, by working in this way, poses no threat to the network being used. We are not able to use this system to access the network on site. We are only able to access the internet.


PUNCH! can actually be used in conjunction with our PresentAnywhere, gatekeeper, bridging and/or satellite services. This means that we can literally present from anywhere (almost). We can definitely use any web access available and where there isn’t web access or where the bandwidth isn’t sufficient, we can just add more. Once that is done, we can then connect, utilising our bridge, to multiple sites on IP or ISDN.

Maintained Service

Perhaps security on your corporate network is very stringent, perhaps you can’t get access to your IT department. By leasing a PUNCH!, you’re able to eliminate requirements for complex IT configuration and have a public IP automatically setup on your video codec or other device by just plugging in our box (hand held). It even allows you to use your video codec on a wifi connection.

CALLING VC AND TECHNICAL PRODUCTION COMPANIES – this box should be in your tool kit. How often do you turn up on site to find the network is not set up right?

  • Packets getting lost in NAT?
  • No public IP address?
  • Wired connection physically damaged?

The PUNCH! is a one-stop-shop, get-out-of-jail box that can get you out of any connectivity problem. Let us help you, give us a call…