A video conferencing codec facilitates live 2-way conversations with one or more sites across the world. Using the most advanced HD video codecs operated by our experienced video conferencing engineers, we are able to fulfil the most demanding requirements.


This device allows the user to completely bypass network firewalls and security systems negating the requirement for complex on-site network configuration and on-site IT support. This works on any internet connection where the user can access the web.

Virtual Meeting Room

Connect over 40 locations together into a single ‘meeting room’ or ‘bridge’. Far End locations can connect using any of the available formats for professional conferencing including H.323, SIP or ISDN. It is possible to monitor and moderate this meeting room using one of our trained operators.

Content Sharing

Often referred to as DuoStream or People&Content, content sharing allows one end to send content to the other end. Using the Cisco C90, this content can be from any input source. Other codecs mostly support DVI and VGA as data sources.


This system allows you to take all the different types of internet connections available and join them all together and make one virtual connection. This is called ‘bonding’. There are a couple of differences with our system though. Our ‘bandwidth amalgamation’ software is just that, software. Expensive hardware leases and remote internet connections are not required in the same way as traditional hardware solutions.

Even if you can’t get fixed internet, wifi, 3g or 4g, we can still use domestic satellites which can be portable. If one isn’t enough, we’ll use 2. And because we’re using compressed video rather than uncompressed that you would get on a satellite truck, we can get video through a smaller, cheaper satellite dish.

Basically, “Present Anywhere” allows you to present from … well … anywhere.