By using one of the largest ‘Content Distribution Networks’ hosted in the cloud, the environmental impact is massively reduced. Our in house team of web programmers can design bespoke solutions to ensure your viewers see exactly what you want them to see. We are able to include features such as –

  • HD streaming
  • Powerpoint synchronisation
  • Integrated payment solution where required
  • Cloud based, scalable infrastructure
  • Fully brandable or co-branded solutions
  • Bespoke customisations available
  • Live chat / Twitter / forum integration
  • Available on Demand
  • Online backup
  • Instantly scalable
  • Stream to Iphone, Ipads, Blackberry and other smart devices.
  • Highest level security

We usually encode live on site direct to our CDN. The machine encodes the data and transits it over the internet to our ‘Content Delivery Network’ (CDN). By using one of the largest ‘Content Delivery Networks’ hosted in the cloud, our reliability is second to none and our environmental impact is massively reduced.

In the cloud, the video format is changed (transcoded) to multiple formats which work on different devices so your viewers can take part using an Iphone, Blackberry or laptop. It is then delivered to the user is the most efficient, and quickest way. The CDN has many data hubs around the world. By temporarily and automatically hosting the video at the hub closest to the user, anywhere in the world, data costs and environmental impact are massively reduced.