We love what we do but sometimes, something really special comes along.  A world first.  Something to talk about.  Something we’re truly proud of and something we tell our parents about (who usually have no idea what we’re talking about). This year, we travelled to Rio for the Olympics in order to bring the athletes home… virtually.

Samsung asked M&C Saatchi to organise a live interview of athletes who were taking part or who had taken part in the Olympics but oh, by the way, the athletes will be in Rio, the journalists at the M&C Saatchi office in London and it has to be fully immersive using the Samsung Gear.  As part of a team of wonderful technical experts made up of Present Communications, Streaming Tank and Atticus Digital, we made that happen.

VR is not new, neither is streaming.  In fact, more people now stream in 360 and this will become even more popular since the launch of Facebook’s live 360 streaming platform.  But a live 2 way conversation like this had never been attempted before due to the large delay between camera (in Rio) and goggles (in London).  The guys at Atticus reduced the delay, Present Communications got the video from Rio to London and back in record time and Streaming Tank made the two work together.

It was a great effort from the team and a real world first.  Thanks team!