Where technical excellence meets creative problem solving.


Where technical excellence meets creative problem solving.

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Whether an event is live, virtual or a hybrid of the two, we make the experience seamless for everyone involved.


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Virtual Studio

Dial your presenter into a live event from home, a hotel, or a purpose built studio… 

Rather than take your presenters to a studio, take the studio to them.  Or just have them connect from home.  Virtual events allow us to create any combinations of technologies and locations. 


Make your broadcasts available to all.  Add BSL, subtitles and even additional languages. 

Closed captioning

Closed captioning can help to make virtual events more accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captioning can be done in real-time or as a post-event transcription.

Sign language interpretation

Sign language interpretation can be provided for virtual events to make them more accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. 


Virtual events should be mobile-friendly, so that attendees can participate in the event on their mobile devices. This is important as many people prefer to access the internet through their mobile devices

Offer live-streaming in multiple languages

Hybrid and virtual events can offer live streaming in multiple languages, making it more accessible to attendees who may not speak the main language of the event. 

Multi-lingual broadcast

Multilingual interpretation for live and virtual events can offer several advantages, including: 

Increased accessibility

By providing interpretation in multiple languages, events can be made more accessible to a wider range of attendees, regardless of their language proficiency. This can be especially important for virtual events, where attendees may be located in different parts of the world. 

Improved communication

Multilingual interpretation can help to improve communication and understanding between speakers and attendees who may not speak the same language. This can lead to more productive and engaging events. 

Enhanced cultural sensitivity

Providing interpretation in multiple languages can demonstrate a commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, and can help to create a more welcoming and respectful environment for all attendees. 

Increased global reach

Multilingual interpretation can expand the reach of an event beyond a single language-speaking community, allowing the event to target a global audience. This can be especially beneficial for virtual events, which may have no geographical boundaries. 

Better networking and business opportunities

By providing interpretation in multiple languages, events can foster better networking and business opportunities between attendees from diverse backgrounds. 


Live stream from any place, any time.  We use microwave, fibre, wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, starlink, KaBand etc to make sure you have connectivity from wherever you are.  Think of the possibilities… directing a show from another country, controlling a live event from somewhere else or just to have your knowledge experts presenting at your event without even leaving their homes.


Imagine being able to join an event from anywhere.  Not all presenters need to come to the studio.  Interview guests and talent wherever they are. 


Drive Engagement by streaming video live and on-demand to users all around the world and on any device. User access can be managed by geolocation, domain, or email address. Increase your reach whilst also driving engagement using customized interactive features. Best of all, it’s all measureable using our integrated tracking tools. 

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