We’ve been talking about it for years, live streaming is becoming commonplace.  But what do we mean by live streaming?

Video sites are everywhere.  YouTube & Netflix are responsible for around 3/4 of all internet traffic by some estimations so we’re used to watching video.  Kids expect video, TV shows now are produced by Amazon and Netflix rather than traditional broadcasters.

Facebook Live has given brands a platform to provide live video content, including 360 to consumers directly and threatens to leave other platforms behind.  But now Periscope wants in on the action and has answered the call of the ‘professional’ streaming company by launching it’s Periscope Producer.  This allows us to produce ‘TV style’ productions but stream direct to Twitter.  This is already possible on Facebook Live and YouTube.

But we’re also expecting more from our live video.  The audiences provided by Facebook are great but perhaps for today’s meeting I want slides, I want interaction, I want live vision mixing in the cloud, I want automated registrations or a shared, interactive whiteboard.

Present Communications are familiar with all the major platforms, from the streaming sites mentioned above to the meeting platforms like Cisco Webex, Citrix GotoMeeting and Zoom.us.  If you’re not sure what platform to use, tell us about your meeting and we’ll recommend one.